Three Scenarios 

Here are three common scenarios for how we might work together, but we're creative people, right? 

Team/Discipline Design

You’re either about to launch or have recently realized that you need some new attention given to your user operations/trust & safety functions. Together, we’ll establish a short and long term design for the user operations and trust & safety functions which will include: org structure, position profiles (job descriptions), mission/values, operational cadence (what does a week/month/year look like for this team), basic training outline. It may also include a period in which I operate as the head of this team while we search for and interview the right candidate(s) for the top roles within this team. It may also be paired with the actual training module for a package discount.
Suggested Fees - €10k - €25k
Suggested Time - 1 -3 months

Training / Re-Training

Your team has been established and it’s either time for a refresher or you’re making a significant change which will require a new workflow/approach from your support teams. There are three ways we might approach this: (1) facilitated work-out with your user operations/trust & safety team’s leadership to build new training, (2) work through your leadership team, ensuring they have the materials and support they need to deliver the training built in partnership by consultant and the leadership team, (3) using either our established support training or a custom built training program, consultation includes a full, on-site team training.
Suggested Fees - €1k - €10k
Suggested Time - 1 day - 1 month

Fresh & Expert Experience Consulting

Sometimes it’s just really helpful to have an experienced fresh set of eyes come in and take a look at the operations, ask critical questions, help find the answers, and find the areas where things could be improved. In this engagement, we’ll establish a list of goals & deliverables and then, over a set period of time, I’ll work closely with key stakeholders to help improve the user operations / trust & safety functions and increase the positive sentiment felt my your community and important external observers (media, policy makers, etc.)
Suggested Fees - €5k - €10k
Suggested Time - 2 weeks - 1 month