"Nathan was key to building the Club Penguin support team and set the standard for building online communities."
Lance Priebe - CEO, Hyper Hippo & 
Co-Founder of Club Penguin.

"Nathan embodies what you want your customer service to be about. His proven abilities to build support teams and the right structure to empower them, is a given. I highly recommend him."
Pascale Audette - CEO of Carebrook Technologies 

"Nathan supported us during a critical time in our company's growth. But, he did more than just support - he took the time to listen, understand, and then provide deep advice that didn't just change outcomes but revolutionised the way we approached recruitment, sales, and support in our company."
Michael Wendland - CEO of Refresh Financial Inc.

Who Am I?

In 2005, after spending many years working with young people and coffee (seperately;-) ) I joined a company called Club Penguin. Here, I built and lead a global team of community support reps who ended up helping millions of people around the world. In 2007, we joined The Walt Disney Company and I was given the opportunity to lead Disney Online Studio's Guest Services team and extend it into six new countries. During this time I was honoured to participate in discussions around ongoing legislative improvements for online safety and to speak at conferences around the world regarding healthy and safe online communities for children. 

Since leave The Walt Disney Company, I've worked with several startups–including Tiny Speck, before it became Slack–and larger companies like Facebook. I care deeply about meaningful human interactions and hold a firm belief that companies who care for, and inspire, their communities or customers will have a big hand in making the world a better place!

I'd love to be in touch with you! If you're here, would you mind sending me a quick note to say "hi"?

Consulting Services

Great communities don't simply exist because a product is good, they grow and become healthy when you carefully ensure that every aspect of your product, and the support of your product, is designed with safety and engagement built right into the heart of it. It's the blend of having the right people, with the right tools, built on thoughtful and flexible policies, supporting a product which is safe and healthy by design.

If you're just starting out, we'll work with you to design the community experience, and work with your development team to ensure they're thinking through the social, legislative, and real-world implications of how the product functions; empowering them to move faster and with greater confidence. 

If you're already established but need some help looking at the health of your community, we'll work through it with you and leave you with a executable plan for getting your community into a healthy and safe state. 

We're currently building out a team to manage support and moderation services for up to six months. This can be extremely helpful if you're building a social product and need to have people supporting your community, but aren't yet prepared to hire an internal team. Our support reps have worked with top communities around the world and will work closely with your team, as if they were part of it! Once you've validated your product, worked out the bugs, and have a healthy product runway, we'll help you hire, train, and equip an internal person(s) to take over.