Service Please

So, I’ve an idea for a Podcast, but I need some help! Here’s the premise:

The service industry is far more diverse and interesting than many people realise (or remember). For those in the industry, this podcast will show solidarity for you who are on the frontline of business while also providing inspiring and interesting stories. For those who are now beyond the service industry (or somehow managed to skip it altogether), it will be a reminder of what your frontline employees face on a daily basis; hopefully offering business leaders inspiration to pay more attention to their frontline.

The working title is Service Please - Stories From the Frontline.

Currently, I’m working on writing the pilot but need some folks currently on the frontline interested in doing an interview with me.

Additionally, I’d like to better understand these cities: Kelowna, Vancouver, London, and Brighton (for now). If you, or someone you know, gets these cities better than most, I would like some help from you too.

For anyone willing to help me with the first few episodes (or episodes after that), I’d be most appreciative. So appreciative, in fact, that when we next find ourselves in the same town, I’d love to buy you tea, coffee, or beer.

Interested, send a message to