A Support Manifesto (of sorts)

I'm currently working on developing out some further offerings for my company. In doing so, I'm spending a lot of time thinking about my "why". Below is how I'm thinking about! Thoughts, challenges, and reactions are greatly welcomed!

As long as companies and their customers can keep the lines of communication open, products and services will meet the needs of our ever-changing global societies. This becomes a larger challenge than might have existed for many businesses throughout history who dealt directly with their costumers, face to face, on a daily basis. For larger companies, though, who might have operated at a national or even international level, technology has provided a way for these companies to connect with their customers in ways never before been possible. 

We believe that this connectivity is critical to helping companies be successful, not just today, but in a decade from now. We believe that this sort of business mindset helps the economy better connect with humanity and will allow for more of the best parts of humanity to be found within more of the best companies, rather than very clever companies guessing and speculating what humanity needs and wants. When this happens, we believe that products and services end up dumbing down humanity and they put our economy at risk of becoming too consumer focused, and we believe this is a bad thing. 

Our work allows us to work with the top companies in the world, helping them connect with their customers and engage them in conversation about how their products and services are helping them live better, happier, and more productive lives. Likewise, the customers can speak to the company, giving voice to their joys, frustrations, and ideas.

We are global because business is global. We’re inspired by the local barkeep, the ever-evolving artist, and the barista who knows your name and your drink.