Are We Moving to Ireland?

No, but it's a good bit of click bate, right?

Episode six starts with this question between Crystal (my wife) and I. 

The past two episodes have been a little experimental (well, pretty much every episode to date has been) and I have some thoughts regarding these experiments. 

Experiment One - Long Podcast
Episode Five was nearly an hour long. Many of the podcasts I really like are longer and I wanted to try and produce something with more content than the previous ones had contained. While it was nice to let the conversations air, I think it was too long. People listen to podcasts on their commute or while working out. I think 20 - 30 minutes is optimal, and that's what I'll be focusing on mostly.

Experiment Two - Remote Production
I did the narration and production from my room in Brussels for Episode Six. I used my Share MV88 to capture narration and, ultimately, it sounds juvenile. The reason this is an important experiment is that I want to find a way to move quicker while travelling. I don't like the audio quality of Episode Six but I love that I was able to produce it on the road. I'm going to continue to experiment with remote production for Episode Seven. 

Would love any feedback that you have! Thanks for engaging in this with me, I really appreciate it.