The NateCast Ep 5 - Lübeck, Cocktails, and Working from Beaches

Podcasting has taken over my life and I record everything now. In the biz, it's all called "tape." I now have hours and hours of "tape" and my mind is swimming with how to use it. 

I last released a NateCast at the end of October. With only 4 episodes released, it was a little too early to suggest the end of season one so, I simply have to own the fact that I went into the classic over-thinking mode. Too many ideas prove just how invaluable ideas, without action, are. Nevertheless, we're back on track and I offer to you, the fifth episode of The NateCast. 

My plan is to release another 10 NateCasts over the coming 10 weeks and then I'll conclude season one in the early part of January. While I'm trying not to get ahead of myself, I've some big ideas for changing things up in season two. More on that in the coming weeks and months. 

A couple things, podcasting is, I believe, a really valuable and important evolution in media. It really is a grass-roots medium that is very nearly ready to become mainstream. If you'd like to support the work I'm doing, check out my Patreon page. I'm also beginning some work on a new podcast which will focus on the tech industry but from a family perspective. If you're interested in getting involved, please get in touch via the contact page

Lastly, this episode contains a couple of interviews. The first is with Ricci, the owner and bartender at Torrios American Cocktail Bar in Lübeck, Germany. The second is an interview with my mom, Roberta Sawatzky. You can hear more about the work she's doing on her blog, If you like what you're hearing, would you consider leaving a review on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts? It really helps with getting The NateCast some exposure. And, of course, sharing it always helps too!

As always, I love getting feedback!